UN Tier Membership as Motivation to Democratize

This thought was inspired by Mugabe's presentation at the UN. 

Promotion goes with responsibilities. Dictators should not be allowed to govern the UN, a body set up to promote justice and peace. In Trump, we have seen how vulnerable those institutions are to a dictator’s devious attentions. It more like making the mouse to manage the market; or, as the Baganda say, a monkey to adjudicate on a forest case.  

So, no Mr, late Mugabe. I don’t care your color is the same as mine; you and people like Museveni if Uganda, Bia of Cameroon, etc..., are responsible for our position at the bottom of the heap. Your empty rhetoric is disappointing at best, disgusting at worst. Your words are strong 💪🏽 but your actions are the opposite. it is more like asking a better to be a bank manager. 

About Talk Africa Radio Network (TARNET)

TARNET  is an invitation to: 

a. Talk as Africans, and friends of Africa, about Africa.
b. To create an entity that will be educational, informational as well as entertaining.
c. To rediscover the essence of what it means to be authentically African.
d. To harness the knowledge gained to put in practice best practices.

ISF Inc has been active since 2009 and during that time, we have initiated a number of initiatives including a learning center in Uganda, a Spelling Bee for immigrant children in Boston MA, a Non-Profit workshop for nonprofit leaders, and an annual conference. An after-school program, tailored to meet the unique challenges of our participant parents is also in the works. All these are important but have limited geographical outreach. We believe a talk radio exclusively addressing African and African Diaspora issues will go far in supplementing these initiatives.

The Trigger
The actual trigger for the radio initiative came in 2016 when the killing of black men in the US by police became international news. We were all shocked, by the senseless deaths of Trayvon Martin. Eric Garner. Michael Brown. Labuan McDonald. Tamir Rice. Eric Harris. Walter Scott. Freddie Gray. Paul O’Neal. Alton Sterling. Philando Castille. We too participated in the many spontaneous conversations and soon it became apparent that we needed to answer three pertinent questions:
       i. How are black people perceived in the world?
     ii.  What is the prevailing existential actuality of black people in the world?
   iii.   What can we do about it?

Obviously this is a long process that requires people of all walks of life to engage in. In short order, given our prevailing abilities, we deduced that the best forum to propagate our mission would be a talk radio.

The Actual: Topics on Prevailing Reality
What is going on today in Africa and elsewhere in the world?
Agriculture, Mining, Production; Commerce, Finance and Taxation; Craftsmen, Industry; Culture, Religion & Sports; Economy finances; Natural Resources Education and Learning; Capital & Labor; Environment; Friendship, Storytelling, Conversation; Health, Doctors, Nurses & Insurance; Philosophy, Science, Innovation, Journalism and Public Relations; Law and lawyers, Politics and Politicians, and Diplomats; Sports, Music, Dance and Drama; Film; Technicians and Mechanics; The Arts, Culture, Entertainment; The Home, the Village; Work, Employers and Workers ...

The Probable
What is possible, when, given the prevailing conditions?

The Possible
What is the ideal;  all things being equal, all barriers removed?