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Good Governance and Development

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Our Method

Share individual stories -
So we can Learn from each other
Share community stories  -
so we can work together to help each other
Share how we got here -
So  we can Document and learn from our Culture and our Heritage
Share what we want to accomplish - So we can Develop Plans and Action Strategies
First, we need to define the problem. Most people in Africa today are witness to a long cycle of the flight from correct understanding and the terrible direction the continent is taking. The good news is that our collective consciousness has finally become aware of its own prevailing, almost systemic, flight from correct understanding. Africans, and their friends, are increasingly asking the right questions, which means the right answers are soon coming to bear. Talk Africa Radio will seek to help fun this spark of enlightenment, using three major strategies.

1. The African Story Teller:
Storytelling, both for entertainment and for teaching, is a well-known African practice. We intend to exten…

Taking Action

With the perfect attitude, we can ask the right questions and get the correct answers. Without action, however, all this labor is but in vain. This radio, therefore, will not be merely a talk show; we shall go a step further in taking action and implement the findings, and this is what we mean by empowerment. The people who feel like they are not concerned about what is going on around them must wake up and take action to improve the situation around them for the common good. The politicians have taken the long-suffering, but resilient people of African, for a long and dreadful ride; it is time for the people to look at their own hands and assume responsibility for their own lives and states.
Taking a cue from Paulo Freire in his “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”, we shall make the road by walking. We shall naturally find setbacks, and that is alright. And yes, lateral movements too shall occur, but we are confident we will always be able to go forward using the wisdom-based progress strateg…

What’s On Our Mind?

Below are some of the thoughts (put down unedited) by some of our to-be presenters: 1.Susan on Mental Illness In Africa, the mention of the word “mental health" is enough to send most people scowling. This is because for a long time, this has been a controversial and stigmatized topic that for the most part stems from lack of knowledge about what mental health means and how it affects each of us.For most Africans, the visual image of a man or woman, eating from a "dustbin" or Trash, throwing stones at people and talking to oneself (which would be the worst form of schizophrenia) comes to mind when mental health is mentioned.I believe that there is a lot to learn about healthy mental health vs unhealthy mental health in order for Africa to make progress in being educated about what is healthy and what would be frowned upon in terms of decision making, behaviors, ways of thinking, ways of communicating in order to get our needs met…etc. Most people believe that when you hav…

What is Talk Africa Radio Network (TARNET)?

TARNET is an invitation to:
a. Talk as Africans, and friends of Africa, about Africa.
b. To create an entity that will be educational, informational as well as entertaining.
c. To rediscover the essence of what it means to be authentically african.
d. To harness the knowledge gained to put in practice best practices.
ISF Inc has been active since 2009 and during that time, we have initiated a number of initiatives including a learning center in Uganda, a Spelling Bee for immigrant children in Boston MA, a Non-Profit workshop for nonprofit leaders, and an annual conference. An after-school program, tailored to meet the unique challenges of our participant parents is also in the works. All these are important but have limited geographical outreach. We believe a talk radio exclusively addressing African and African Diaspora issues will go far in supplementing these initiatives.

The Trigger
The actual trigger for the radio initiative came in 2016 when the killing of black men in the US by …